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Having enough people power with the know-how required to catch-up and keep up with HIPAA compliance, while safe guarding against internal security threats, is the only way to go the distance.

There’s a heavy load of responsibilities that rest squarely on the shoulders of understaffed, overworked, and weary IT teams. Most often, the leadership team is focused on providing the best possible patient care for the community and aspires to provide the physicians and staff with the same level of support for security and compliance.

Finding extra time in a day is even more rare than finding funds to hire additional staff.

That’s why adding more full-time IT and administrative help to sustain the level of threat prevention, training and documentation to pass compliance audits without serious penalties and reduce the risk of a data breach, typically isn’t an option.

Having people power is part-one of the prescription for security threat prevention. Part-two involves analyzing and understanding the relative risks so that a prevention plan can be put into practice.

The three critical components to avoiding breaches and staying ahead of hackers:

1. Preparation
2. Training
3. Perseverance

Understanding the three critical components of threat prevention and being armed with proven processes and procedures helps the management team of Critical Access Hospitals come from behind, catch-up and stay ahead in the relentless race for security and compliance.